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Your metro Houston home should reflect your style – inside and out. DeWalts Concrete Products helps Houston area homeowners find the best residential concrete products to match their personality and lifestyle. Our specialists can assist you with a selection of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes that fit your budget. 


Think about the hardscape areas around your Houston area home, like sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, pool decks, stairs, fire pits, and more. Let’s not forget interior areas, like garage floors and basements. Are they showing signs of wear and damage, including chipping or stains? Have expansive soils caused cracks, buckling, or broken sections in your sidewalks or driveway? Does your old hardscaping fit your current lifestyle? Do stairs need to be replaced with handicap ramps? Are there any projects on your wish list that you’ve been putting off, like a new fire pit or pool deck?


DeWalts Concrete Products’s professionals are available to assist you with your residential concrete needs. We offer a wide variety of residential concrete services, including concrete removal, concrete repair, concrete resurfacing, concrete installation, and concrete stamping. Concrete can be used to create functional and attractive patios, porches, pool decks, fire pits, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, stairs, garage floors, and basements.

We know how much making your house feel more like a home means to you. DeWalts Concrete Products strives to provide high-quality service and residential concrete products that exceed your expectations. We are licensed and insured in all metro Houston areas.


We provide Concrete services for the following geographic areas.

→ Greater Houston Area


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